How to install Tempest Kodi addon

Tempest Kodi addon takes only a couple of minutes to install. However, you must first set up your Kodi to allow its installation. That you can do by following the steps below:

#1. Launch Kodi app. Next, click the gear icon on the top-left and open the Kodi Settings

#2. Open System if you use Kodi 18 Leia. If you have Kodi 17.6, click System settings instead

#3. Select Add-ons option and if Unknown Sources is disabled, turn it ON

#4. Next, click Yes when you see the following warning. Don’t worry about it. Tempest Kodi addon is safe


You have set up Kodi to install any third-party addon including Tempest. We will get started now.


Tempest Addon: Installation Steps

Here are the steps to install Tempest addon on Kodi:

#1. Click Settings on the home-screen of Kodi again

#2. Choose File manager





#3. Click and open Add source on the next window

#4. Click the spot on the next window where you see <None>





#5. Enter the source link on the next screen exactly as I have provided
Click OK





#6. Highlight the text box that says Enter a name for this media source. In this box, type the name of the source, which could be anything you like. Say, I choose tempest

Click OK when your screen looks like the following image

Up until this point, you supplied Kodi with the source link. Now we use this link to install the Tempest Repo


#7. Press back repeatedly until you are back to the home-screen of Kodi
Click Add-ons option on the left





#8. On the top-left of the screen, you will see an open-box button/icon. It is Package installer. Click it





#9. Select Install from zip file next





#10. Go ahead and click tempest or the name you typed in when you added the source





#11. Click the file that you see on the next screen.

When I was writing this guide, the version number of this file was 0.0.3. If it has changed, click it anyway.





#12. Now, wait for the Tempest Repo to install. You will see the allation confirmation sliding out from the top-right


Tempest Repo has been installed. We will now install the Tempest Kodi addon from the repo

#13. On the same window, click Install from repository





#14. Open Tempest Repo





#15. Click Video add-ons





#16. Open Tempest

#17. Click Install button (on the bottom-right)





#18. If you have Kodi 18, click OK when the following prompt is displayed. Kodi 17.6 users will not see this prompt

#19. Wait for the notification Tempest Add-on installed to be displayed on the top-right of the screen. This confirms that Tempest addon has been successfully installed on Kodi

The Tempest Addon is successfully installed on your device.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is an Internet privacy and security service rapidly growing in popularity as people recognize its necessity.

VPNs encrypt all your data then route your Internet connection through a private server. These services support you in hiding your identity, location, online activities, and data.

Virtual private networks are required tools if you value security and privacy. This is due to Internet diversification—growing exponentially into areas of the human psyche most of us would rather avoid.

Also, the activity of corporate control over lawmakers steadily erodes personal freedoms online. When a corporation stops growing, it loses investors and dies. Their growth requirement inevitably leads to profiteering activity. This legalization of profiteering activity also makes necessary the support of secure VPN services for privacy and protection.

Your iOS and Android smartphone, Windows, and MacOS devices are listening to everything you say and tracking everything you do. Corporate lobbyists have made this perfectly legal. Corporate marketers have even convinced most people this invasion of privacy is good for them.

The best VPNs let you have the convenient support of Internet services and devices without loss of privacy.

Can You Explain VPN in Easily Understood Terms?

Explaining how VPNs work to protect privacy by using only technically correct words usually gets me a lot of blank stares, so I’ve found a way to simplify the explanation.

I’ll describe this as a trip to the shopping mall without anyone seeing you, what shops you’re going to, what you purchase, where you came from, or even if you went to the mall at all.

First, let me introduce the basic privacy components of an encrypted tunnel (VPN service).

VPN Components Explained

I like to think of VPN service as two network security tools working together to protect and hide your private data, local IP address, and all your online activities from any privacy invasion. These are each very easy to explain with a few artistic liberties taken.

VPN service is actually provided by two apps. One, the local client, is installed on your network access device and the other on a remote Internet server.

All of your input data and queries sent to the web first go through your locally installed virtual private network client. This includes any URL, login and password, credit card number, or email content along with any and every other information you input.

Your private local VPN connections, whether on a router, Android smartphone, iPhone, Windows or MacOS computer system, tablet, or any other Internet device will then encrypt this data with the protocol of your choice. Most of the leading VPNs use a 256 bit AES encryption algorithm that the NSA, CIA, FBI, and all other three letter agencies believe is secure enough for top state secrets.

Now, your local client sends your private data through the VPN tunnel to a virtual private network in any country you chose.

When the requested data is returned to you, this local application decrypts it and presents it to you. Your local VPN software decrypts this private data and presents it to you as if you were still accessing the web out in the open.

Everything you ask of the web is blurred so much that nobody can see or understand it. Your private information appears as noise to everyone attempting to snoop into your business. Even your Internet service provider sees only digital noise.

Special Note: Some VPN clients offer split tunneling, which allows you to choose apps to access the Internet directly. This can be helpful for banking and some video stream services.

Encryption Hides Your Data

What this means is that before you leave the house for the mall, the VPN blurs your appearance. You become so blurry that nobody, whether they’re your neighbors, your mom upstairs, or even the CIA spooks in the black van down the street, can see who is leaving.

VPN Encryption = Public WiFi Hotspot Shield

It’s not possible to tell who you are, what you are wearing, or what (or even if!) you are carrying. Heck, the VPN encryption is so secure they can’t even tell which vehicle you pulled out of the garage, if you’re walking, or if you’re flying a helicopter out of the backyard.

Nobody sees more than a random blur going from your place to the virtual private network server. That is all they see. The important point here is that they only see an ongoing anonymous blur going into the server locations.

VPNs Protect Your Security

I recommend and use PrivateVPN.

Best Kodi Addons

This post is meant to provide an up-to-date list of the best Kodi add-ons within different categories.  It is difficult to know which Kodi add-ons to use due to the ever-changing technology within this hobby.

For your streaming enjoyment, this list will be updated on a regular basis so you know which add-ons work well for your specific needs.

Be sure to bookmark this post and check back on a regular basis for new submissions provided by users in the comment section below.

Best Kodi Add-Ons for Movies & TV Shows

What is Kodi? Everything you need to know!

The open-source media center software lets you access a wide range of video content on almost any device, but is it for you? Kodi has slowly but surely made an impression on anyone who wants to share content around the home.

Now, that one-sentence definition doesn’t do justice for this incredible piece of software and that is the reason for this article that will teach you everything that you need to know about Kodi. Think of Kodi as the frame of an unfinished house. This is your base, and foundation for where all of your essential items will be stored.